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  1. Cool Gamer FM

    We have now added a new station to the music mod, Gamer FM! Gamer FM is a new radio station dedicated to gamers. Unlike source tunes, Gamer FM is a REAL radio station with live DJing. They officially launch 4 days from now but it should not surprise you that IBIS is once again on top of it when it comes to providing you with the latest updates. Try it out today and enjoy!

    Also as always both of the services are easily accessed via the !music command.

    If you want to find out more check out their website at

    Please post your thoughts on this new service and keep inmind that they do not officially launch until the 8th.

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    Awesome ZERO.....great great job....can t wait to try it!!

    IBIS ROCKS!!!!


  3. Default Gamer FM

    Hey Guys , i am the owner of GamerFM , We are launching this friday at 8pm (UK Time) and 9pm (Euro) Time, please if you could tune in it would be much appreciated. anyways Nice to see you posting about us

    Owner of

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    will be tough for the west coast guys, but see our times below:
    Eastern: 3pm
    Central : 1pm
    Western : 12 noon

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    It is about 11 hours till the launch, I have updated the ingame player just as they have updated their site. The player now allows you to see the current song that is playing and the last few that played. In addition it supports some other cool features, try it out!

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