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Thread: Altered Server CPU settings

  1. Lightbulb Altered Server CPU settings

    In an attempt to help find what the issue with these strange freezes I have restricted each server to its own core. This should not effect server performance but should improve stability as server owners have always been told to do this anyways (I never actually did it b/c it seemed to work fine without it). After 6am the changes will take effect. If there is some disaster I will revert back later in the day

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    this would isolate each individual server, correct? that way something affecting a single server would not touch the other 3.
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    You could just remove the gore mod all together on gg, after all its not needed and fix it so the bodies ragdoll and disapear without floating infront of you when your firing, that would probably greatly improve the stability of the server.

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    They are supposed to float like that when they die it has always been part of GG also that is separate from gore mod.

    Also I did testing on the zm server and proved that server side lag is in no way related to hardware as cpu usage was 13% while the server was lagging terribly. Changing the map fixed the problem, the issue was a laggy map and not a laggy server.

    There has been no link to server performance or stability and gore mod. Whatever has been causing these freezes is totally independent of the mods I am running.

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    why'd you test it on zm? zm has no history of this kinda lag, you should do it on gg seeing as every servers different.

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    The point was to prove that there is no connection between lag on the server and physical server performance.

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