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Thread: When did my internet get this fast...

  1. Default When did my internet get this fast...

    I think this is a bit crazy...

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    Damn i got the same upload as you...but i got 8000 of got freaking 28500!! my connexion sucks or it s just yours that s going nuts???!!!


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    It's the comcast "speed burst", not the actual speed.

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    I thought that was only 15mps not 30 and how is my upspeed 2x yours...

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    Power Boost is effecting it.
    Some areas it only effects download, some it effects download and upload.

    Thing is.... Mine ALWAYS stays at 24/2.5 stable even though im on a 16/2 line. ?_?

    You ready for the CAPS comcast is about to put in place with Protocal Agnostic Monitoring? There in a big fit with the FCC about P2P biasness (with the BT RST injections and all) so there now gonna make it Protocol wide with CAPS @ 250 GB (still a decent amount of data to blow threw) and Overage Charges... YAY ! Go CommieCast. -_-

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    And they wonder why the US is literally lagging behind the rest of the developed world in broadband...

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    Yerp, theres no excuses besideds capitol for very populated and established areas to have 100/100 Mbit connections (hell, we just laid a direct coneect line to japan -_- ). Its all about the money and control.

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    In a lot of these cities there is only one cable company and the local gov actually made it that way. Once again, the gov steps in the way so that we can all pay the hefty price.

    Competition is what drives companies to advance not complacence.

    Man, if I hosted the only CS:S servers imagine what I could do. I could ban you all weekly and have you pay fees to get back in. It's not like you have a choice. What are you going to do play real war...

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