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Thread: Rumpfriction [STEAM_0:0:17514332]

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    Default Rumpfriction [STEAM_0:0:17514332]

    11: steam name key
    12: -------------------------------------------------------
    13: STEAM_0:1:3850001 Blood wolfe xrCBvHu3cRhgbp7f32icWifVgIoEXKMI
    14: STEAM_0:0:20020103 DJ MikeyRevile .:ibis.a:. ALVxhg4AunUAd+j9qfU6PNk1w39KWK+XvsPjqQMHtjhsmhB9KM +TwA==
    15: STEAM_0:0:7143545 {IR} Akuma 0BZe9Mfk5xyf9sEGtZl7XmGe6IdWc7Lv
    16: STEAM_0:0:17514332 Rumpfriction ARMZ/+UVQ2Kjg8P4QET1n2wFkW9hKS/m
    17: STEAM_0:0:21425283 Solid_SNAKE on weeeed 7W0/5kFZ/ECjD3PdJGJj+Sl+px7COvtCp4NK6SpU+CI=
    18: STEAM_0:1:6086598 nightstrife ibis.a 7TW6L4mlE/shsK8vOUIfY7VJUaHFpgPV2wN0+A6gvRc=
    19: STEAM_0:0:29007982 YOUmadBrah? ibis.a 5MUvnGEimUsfljJbTV8NljgdknFRpCMPGompj9Dns6s=
    20: STEAM_0:0:13499129 BonkNogg hoRZc8qH8jHbp7KfNhgeaNVw7cjLvcUS
    21: STEAM_0:1:13481196 [PIHB]BRENTIDGE BRIMLEY<ibis.a> u1xq0139SxBetPOAUyj75gR+j1MlB7/cpGc+PZTfpHPXc4cIJaXDwJlLHXz5UWje
    22: STEAM_0:1:26145212 MoE 2gUIyzhuEtKtOkqhL7F8KQ==
    23: STEAM_0:1:1242121 tarot ltEVjbNaqFGoucqoJV9vBA==
    24: STEAM_0:1:26774829 BladeTwinSwords | Ibis.a eoDD87ov4HSPTWcEECWSyYQMntpfel0ftaUPZygElauEdsOrgH KLBQ==
    25: STEAM_0:0:2902299 Kaizer Soze' V2+EV+wxefRRzMVxv0xDd7sTL+YDNZJG
    26: STEAM_0:1:19194838 Pleasure Ninja g9WwEU0utRbSXq+Ze/xnjzQ6XMpnzyAKi03Us+tXNvU=
    27: STEAM_0:1:3657567 Rated EC-10 rYsUovyKqel2UzkoN25ap1i0XtwbNkG/
    28: STEAM_0:1:24829104 Le Charles pHaEzFJG6OajLbGAyJj2tQMHaKt6hKQJ
    29: STEAM_0:0:1502556 Xerenix ATc/vWPCYBpD8tvQTTgES+Fh7yDxvpB6
    30: STEAM_0:1:1050957 chase ! <ibis.a> Yw3ttgZ4kFRrequ3RaoVPg33oitok+wCQaTTylVjq20=
    31: STEAM_0:1:15780868 `Perry the Platypus ++B5hBQjkv8OQCVsHGBYyzzxbvN18nhllTEGuGiV0lI=
    33: 19 users currently active (kNHMsdgc38rxEpMyuJxekpeT+GQ=:iUYqOHp5gqk=)
    Observe mode setup for Rumpfriction [STEAM_0:0:17514332]

    was pretty smart about his wall hacking and aim assisting, but brain pointed him out so i made the demo and there is more then enough evidence here.

    according to blade he also has several vac bans and is banned for 3 other servers. (he will post this evidence)

    he was banned by brian around 2:45am eastern time.

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    yea, ty mikey for taking care of that for me! He was very obvious with his aimbot at first than when demo started he switched to what looks like aim assist and very obvious wall hacking.

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    I seen rumpfriction in the servers last night....
    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    thx for all the opinions and advice ppl... aside from rage lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO
    Think of the reserved slot as a vip ticket to the club. You get to go past the line and kick someone out of the club so you can get in. However if on your way to the club some fat ass gets stuck in the door when the bouncer goes to check him then you got to wait for the fire department to cut his fat ass out of the door before you can get in.

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    Im not the best at seeing these things, but i figured i give it a try. after watching in normal mode twice and mat_wireframe 3. I can definitely see how it could be wall hacking

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