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Thread: ZM fun

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    Soccer zombie style.

    I guess he enjoys it duck style...

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    Super Low Grav Zombie Fun

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    KeTcH_uP uploaded an awesome video of the fun that was had on Monday night on zm_ancientfinal at the IBIS zm server with AWPs unrestricted and low-grav enabled.

    Unfortunately the other players' mics are mute but the video quality is good and not choppy and if you were there then you know :)

    Cheers to good times!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
    Super Low Grav Zombie Fun :lmao:

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    got a bit of lag there?;)

  5. Default zm_ancientfinal low grav

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    What map was that on...i don't think i have ever played on that one.

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    i dont play zm much but here is a pyramid of ass kicking, although i think we eventually got infected.
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    haha dmonic, i would hope you got infrected, if you didnt the zombies just suck haha. the problem w/ that spot is that ucant shoot the zombies off the ladder, so they just come straight up and tag u

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    lol we played that map twice before i got off the server, i held it solo for a good bit, think i took out 5 zombies before they got me

  10. Default Good Times on Zombie Mod, Pt. 1

    Some zombie screenies I've collected over the months--some newer, some older. More coming soon!

    "The Great Escape" (Map: ze_rooftop_runaway2_v4)

    "Shark from 'Jaws'" (Map: ze_thelostworld_v1)

    Poor bastard didn't get a chance... (Map: ze_thelostworld_v1)

    Treehouse stronghold -- note the shotty taking off the pred's head (Map: ze_trainescape_b3)

    Mal having fun... (Map: ze_tv_station_v2)

    I shot the bed out into the middle of the ocean :D (Map: zm_roy_the_ship)

    PARTY BOAT!!! (Map: zm_roy_the_ship)

    PS. lukeydukey I can't find the screenies I took when you colored everyone on zm_roy_the_ship! :(
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