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    so i did not buy even though i wanted too i am glad i dident it is worth about 15$ in my opion the story is vary short but takes for ever to get through it i played it for about 4 hours non stop yesterday just for the story and did not get very far in to the story but got hella far in the game the game play is fun if you like hiding and then popping up and shooting. i thought it was fun but then it never changed and last of all the camera angle sucks it is as if some one is running behind you with a camera some how not dieing and the rain drops are on the screen makes it hard to see enemies (was not sure if this was there way to make the same thing harder lol) and there will be times it tell you you need to do something so it will put up a gray bar in the middle of your screen for like 2 min be for disapering wtf lol

    after all that i still kinda liked it like a really lame gears of war lol

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    i liked the part where they say "FUCK!" - anime | manga | reviews

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