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Thread: sl24601 STEAM_0:0:18084322

  1. Default sl24601 STEAM_0:0:18084322

    Pub server: 730 pm
    Player name: sl24601
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:18084322
    sb_status: 11: steam name key
    12: -------------------------------------------------------
    13: STEAM_0:1:17110843 Frizzle v7DqPL7mPKNztb4yPeqwpBO58w1wimZu
    14: STEAM_0:0:8319463 SNSD. Cecil xwKJFowtNPTfV2yTvoAykJs6avhUwqpX
    15: STEAM_0:0:211108 l3-MAN gX/Gg/EFCIjwAzp4erqCcA==
    16: STEAM_0:0:19457279 Akinyemi 75ml+8XX35jZJJpUWbnCsevH1If9gYZ7
    17: STEAM_0:1:8334496 name /QMHIC766kjR9xfFFSNeeA==
    18: STEAM_0:0:10506279 ANGUS LOLIHUGGER h5rxf3mA2loc9e18AGf1Lu6Kv6jrGesrTezAKgD6kQ4=
    19: STEAM_0:1:8881753 aRcaDe QUPeXTE9yOpKBnR3LmdNfg==
    20: STEAM_0:0:5931638 eNd /vVtPKyTr6q3nknavaQV+Q==
    21: STEAM_0:1:3010380 Meep! V4hVgMRGPK2/MbhmLu93Ug==
    22: STEAM_0:0:18084322 sl24601 V30VnaX5E64FpAlcA1oOgWQAyrd0t4Wv
    23: STEAM_0:1:32197308 plastic125 6YAQpFj+B4T3qy6WA114Mitwlqnnshez
    24: STEAM_0:0:28788661 Thoughtless m2Dp7A8b4Zzto9i9TNPTNnlMEI/4zho5
    25: STEAM_0:0:5642726 ruiNz tWP9taTQ2O7ug2DW7Hl7OQ==
    26: STEAM_0:1:11407153 Nikolay YByCf8TCQL/Thy0tT+BWC6hF6+Oa/NeE
    27: STEAM_0:1:6086598 ¤Nightﮱﮔtriƒ£¤ ibis. A ELFoC4VZfTIryeQ6ht68DxPOgWOwkyBiNjrWCxxDxGKNp9xa5B gf0Q==
    28: STEAM_0:1:8673163 TiKiHeAd MTNmttQcg8TNgvaV5tfk204ikFUcWhJs
    29: STEAM_0:0:10541299 Roen 7XtSPF64YVfCRqbtxvBsuA==
    31: 17 users currently active (83Ukxin5298TlPGc70dz3zuP4q8=:6g3MWU5V7SY=)

    What hacks: Aim assist / walling

    Other info: Please take a look i don't know but i believe he was hacking he left server before i could tell please look at demo and give input!

    i would post demo but this came up

    Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.

    If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.

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    If you were a beautiful sound in the echos all around, I'd be your harmony.

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    ok theres demo

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    Definitely appears to be walling. Not sure about aim assist.

    If you were a beautiful sound in the echos all around, I'd be your harmony.

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    Watching now.

    I don't see anything suspicious in this demo.
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