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    come on i played on the IBIS zombie server almost 24/7 and its always been my fav server... just recently today about 2 hours ago.. i decided to buy the reserve slot to show my love for this server... (paypal account [email protected]) (and probably admin when i get the cash)

    but about 5 min ago..i got banned for glitching a spot in zm_island_defense_v2... im sorry i did it.. i got the warning but i didn't hear the no more glitching behind the walls... btw i saw some admins behind there a while.. ago// i wasnt weeman back then and i didnt have a mic...



    Gatsby The Real One

    so if u could unban me that would be awesome.. i would just buy a new account just so i can play IBIS zombies again... but then it will take me longer to get admin D:

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    follow the proper format

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    The ban should be non perma as you can not perma someone for that. If your still banned tonight let me know and post your steam-ID

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