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Thread: [ADD] gg_mad_grua_v2

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    Map: gg_mad_grua_v2
    Reason: You all were upset that the original version was too small. Looks like I don't have to make a new version after all. The original creator did so for me. He fixed the fps problems and made it larger for all to enjoy.

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    it looks the same with a graphical update.

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    ...It's not the fucking same, Kavinsky.

    Either way I have to find a download link that isn't broken. The map is so old the mirror busted on the site so I can't get it from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavinsky View Post
    it looks the same with a graphical update.
    ? It's bigger man... looks good too. (That's what she said?)
    Wahhh, you're a hacker! Wahh!!!

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    the stairs and the major platforms are higher, but other than that its the same size.

    what needed to be done was to put more space and cover between the ct's and the t's not make it easier for someone with a scoped gun to camp the tops of the walkways for someone coming over.

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