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Thread: 8600 gt oc help & troubleshoot

  1. Default 8600 gt oc help & troubleshoot

    I wouldn't post a message but I have been troubleshooting this since last week and searched every forum available.

    when I 1st installed the card I received 180-200 fps. today I am receiving 50 on the video stress test

    I updated to the latest driver but it was even happening before hand. I reinstalled steam to reset all cvars & startups. I tried changing settings in steam to lowest detail to no avail. I reset my video card settings back and forth to defaults...nothing.

    I would like some opinions before I contact bf gaming for a refund or replacement. this card is less than 6 months old. my temp is fine. no way it over heated.

    thanks for any assistance you can give.

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    I know that the card is made for 65C constant temps, but temps above 120F are supposed to reduce a components lifespan by 50% and an additional 50% for every 10F increase. It could be that another component is messing up, how do you know it is the video card. It could just as easily be your ram. I would recommend putting another video card in the system to see if your fps is still messed up or to put your vid card in another computer. It is also possible that you have set: fps_max 50. You should have other games / programs to test your performance on.

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    try 3dmark06 to see how your graphic card performs.

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    thanks ill try both here shortly.
    only other game I have installed is dod. other than cs I really only play tiger woods xbox.
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    can you see these results?
    its way above 4. weird

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    thoes links don't work

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    Have you defragmented your HDD lately? PC being kept cool? Check RAM? Chipset Drivers? Video Card temps? CPU temps?
    So many things can hinder FPS.

    And yea... the link doesnt say much although it does work, use the actual free program and post a pic.
    It only shows a round about score on the interweb one and never is accurate.

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    haven't defraged in a while ill do that tonight and dl the 3d prog when I gethome

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    Disable v-sync?

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    vsync is always the 1st! but get this.. just started the defrag and happened to notice the files being moved were c maps. 1st time I ever noticed that on a defrag.
    if it doesn't worl tonight ill have to wait tll the 18th cause im leaving for the keys this weekend.

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