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Thread: please unban me?

  1. Default please unban me?

    It's been clear for like 3 months now that I wasn't cheating, when am I going to get unbanned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hallwagner View Post
    not even worth it dude. ibis obviously wants to ban all the players with actual skill, and keep only noobs. theres like 10 people that havent been unbanned because of the clans incompetence/unability to unban them. ibis serioiusly needs to go through every single ban/unban me thread and evaluate whether the person should be unbanned or not and then ACTUALLY UNBAN THEM. fucking ridiculous
    They should go back and recheck shoulda stayed banned from IBIS.

    Dont got anything smart to say then shut the fuck up. If you hate IBIS so much leave.

    Btw, Brk please do follow the proper procedure to get unbanned....look at everyone elses unban me format

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud View Post

    Btw, Brk please do follow the proper procedure to get unbanned....look at everyone elses unban me format
    for the record, he has. twice.

    and james and maynard already tried to unban him...again twice

    breaked, i gotta say, the only thing i can tell you is that you might have to wait til wednesday. zero's moving back to college and he can't do shit until then.
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    Oh well in that case he must wait for Zero.

    Brk send him a PM stating that admins tried to unban you but it hasnt worked. Try it

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    pretty much thats all you can do if admin tried to unban you and it didnt work and ibis Clan tried to unban you too and still nothing. All you can do is send a PM to Zero and give him a links showing that they have tried but no success. Zero is the only other person that can fix it.

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    PM if otherwise


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