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    If theres one thing I've noticed the reason why we keep on playing the same maps over and over is because the second one of the more popular maps on the server is in the vote for the next map menu everyone votes for it rather than giving the others a chance

    so I think the way to remedy this would be to rig up the map votes so that all of the popular ones are rigged up in there own particular map votes amongst the other popular ones so we dont get a case where a bunch of good unknown maps get overlooked because deagles in the selection and everyone wants to play that for the upteenth time.

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    I could also increase the back logging to prevent a larger number of recent maps from being played. In that currently the last 3 or so maps are not allowed on the list but that value could be increased.

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    Not sure how that would work but give it a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavinsky View Post
    Not sure how that would work but give it a shot.
    essentially, we won't play complex every 3rd map, but every 5th instead
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    Whatever works sonny.

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