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Thread: [Attention] Banned by hylus]* t0nyyyy <ibis.a>

  1. Default [Attention] Banned by hylus]* t0nyyyy <ibis.a>

    Banned by admin: [hylus]* t0nyyyy <ibis.a> at around 3:47 CST for no reason at all. He kept saying on the mic, "look at me mutha fucka I dare you, I'll ban your ass" and then he looked at me, said about the same thing, and I said "I dare you, I've admin'ed bef..." and was banned before I finished my sentence. I have been an admin on ZM before under the name Damion and understand Zero has to get money somehow, but come on... some of these guys don't give a shit.

    I request to be unbanned if he hasn't already, (he added me to his friend list after banning me), and since I've been a paying admin before I'd hope some action is done.

    Steam ID: 0:0:10878265

  2. Default self-explanatory

    4:04 AM - Damion: Swear to god, you'd better unban me.
    4:04 AM - [hylus]* t0nyyyy <ibis.a>: still bbanned my nigga
    4:04 AM - Damion: I've been an admin on zm before you idiot
    4:04 AM - [hylus]* t0nyyyy <ibis.a>: nigga wtf
    4:05 AM - [hylus]* t0nyyyy <ibis.a>: calliin me an idiot nignga wtf
    4:05 AM - Damion: You added me just to troll, how cute

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    this guy tonyyy is drunk and he should be taught a lesson.......

  4. Default Update

    Apparently around five people were banned around the same time. That's in the morning CST.

    Sorry 'bout the multiple posts xD

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    this is bs. someone needs to do something.

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    Yea i went in there and told him he needed to calm down, and he responded to me "shut the fuck up nigga". This goes back to what i have said in the past, there needs to be more of a strict guide line to become admin. So can something plz be done with this guy...even before this he had attempted to00 banned my brother once because bob was "hacking", even after other admins told him that bobs a reg and dont hack.

  7. Default Youtube

    Link to video of tonyyy flaming (apparently a lot of ppl got upset, enough for one of them to record):

    In 720 HD you can read the chat and clearly see my name.

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    i would have to agree with all these people....this guy just isnt the leader type at all...good guy and all....but just doesn't help ibis grow as a whole..

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    I'm all for getting drunk and acting a fool every once in a while...but banning people is a no no. That is when you need to draw the line.

    If you were a beautiful sound in the echos all around, I'd be your harmony.

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    i'm not sure if this is the right place but i made an acct just to say this.

    im a regular on the zombie mod server, and friends with most of the cool ppl and admins there. tony 99% of the time is one of the most chill admins i've ever come across. i've never seen him act like this. i was in the server for the whole incident, and yes he banned ppl but nothing permanent. he was DRUNK on this night, so obviously he wasn't himself. the N-word WAS dropped BUT nobody in the server was offended, there was also a regular named MIMSYPOO who IS black and even he wasn't offended. i know some ppl knew he was drunk and they tried to take advantage of that and disrespect him so he did some "minute bans". Yeah he did some stupid things, but i've never seen him like this and hes usually an awesome admin. i hope he doesn't get his admin taken away two cents

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