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Thread: ADMIN ASSASSIN,ibis.a requesting backup

  1. Default ADMIN ASSASSIN,ibis.a requesting backup

    We need zero online asap anyone who can call him do so. There is a hacker on the zm server who is spammin the mic and alot of other hacks. he cant be muted banned or anything because he does not show up on the mani list to do so. He has a friend online hes steam is STEAM_0:0:039214. any other admins please join!!!

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    I coulda swore I did status and seen his steam Id as -----STEAM_0:0:14889834

    Gotta admit, I love the Celine Dion he's playing though

  3. Cool ok i think hes gone

    Ok well he was in the server for hmm 40 mins but now he has left and hopfully does not return

  4. Default it wont show his steam

    it wont show his steam in status because his not realy connected to server but still able to play. like i said he wasent show up on the mani list so i could ban him

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    He should show up in status as steam auto kicks anyone without an address. Also, his name would not show up or would be something strange b/c of the mask. But if the list was posted it could be figured out.

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    if he shows up as unconnected, next time scroll through your ban list and look for the listing w/o a name. that will be your source.
    so it'll look like : [] Steam...... on the list

    not unnamed.

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    do ma_users

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