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Thread: severe internet issues

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    Default severe internet issues

    Before reading on andgetting confused at joined words and how I postedtodathis I am posting via phone.

    Hereis the story.

    Today I woke up and got online perfectly fine. About 5 min after I lost internet connection
    Well the whole house did. No internet at all. This happenes periodicly for like 5 min and all I have to do is the whole unplug the modem deal. Itworked vwala butit lost connection again shortly after. Only this time therewas something diffrent. I5t wouldn't come back. When I finnaly noticed. The internet was back on I realized that the connection name was set to lynksis 2 and it was no longer password protected. Connection would go on off ever minor so like myinternet was completly unsablewith no password. Any more. Now thhe name is back for the connection but no internet connection. The password. I think is diffrent but it may not let me use the password because there is no connection. Any ways. What might be the problem and how can I fix it.

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    linksys2 sounds like your wifi router (obviously a linksis router) got either fried or reset.
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    this is what happends to me all the time mikey. My internet will go out from the router, router will reset itself, I would lose the password and protection of a locked wifi network. time for a new router.

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