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Thread: CoachOwens, 8/6/08, ~5:45 AM

  1. Default CoachOwens, 8/6/08, ~5:45 AM

    Name in Game: Will Thompson
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:19986692
    Who banned you: Don't know
    When: 8/6/08 at Approx. 5:45 AM
    Where: Zombie MOD
    Why: I don't know! Truthfully, I didn't see what I did wrong. What had happened was I spawned in one room (not sure what the map is called, probably the last one they did) and went up to the outside to a building where a ton of other CT people were. Since there weren't any zombies in sight, I merely shot away the barricade which was one little cart thing and hopped inside. Nobody else seemed mad at all and the others merely started shooting another object in the cart's place in front of the door. Suddenly I got the message "You've been kicked and banned".

    Reason for unbanning: See above. I didn't do anything really bad, I have no mic so there was no mic spamming or screaming or anything, I only use the chat box when I'm stuck so there was no trash talking that way either, I didn't purposefully get my team killed and so I don't think I should be banned.

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    Even if the ban was for a cade break it should not be longer than a day. If your still banned tonight make a post and I will unban.

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