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Thread: banned?

  1. Wink banned?

    just wondering why i got banned, fish for some reason was dead set on me camping... but for some odd reason I wasn't ever in the same spot? (kid rages over dying.) so perry bans me from the gungame for a short period of time... i would just like to know how i get banned for telling him to shut up after 4 or 5 times of calling me out for camping... i know its my word vs his... but that was stupid and a move of immaturity...

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    I wasn't really paying attention but all I kept hearing was the admins yelling at you not to camp and then Perry banned you so I assume it's because you were camping...
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    meh if it wasnt perma, just get over it. to prevent it in the future, dont camp excessively. i try not to stay in one place long at all even on scout and awp, just for the fear of being punished for camping ><

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    I will admit 30 minutes was excessive. but when an admin tells you to stop camping, and then you call them a fucking faggot....

    No go son.

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    it was a legit ban. You were warned and warned, just because you dont think your camping dont mean your not. There was 3 different admins asking you to quit. In the future when your in our servers, just dont excessively camp anymore.

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    I will admit 30 minutes was excessive. but when an admin tells you to stop camping, and then you call them a fucking faggot....

    No go son.
    heh, i'd give them 30 min JUST for that. let alone camping. although i tend not to touch campers. i find a few freezes...followed by 100 slaps...followed by an unfreezing several rounds in a row work WONDERS to improve their mobility

    but the disrespect? i don't care if you were talking to me like that, or one of the other admins. i'd ban you for some cool down time immediately
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    Ban expired.


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