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Thread: admin abuse

  1. Default admin abuse

    dmin's INGAME name:Tsubasa<ibis.a>
    You're INGAME name:hi im a _____

    How did he/she abuse (See TOS):banned for putting ibis tag in name

    (ADMIN) Tsubasa<ibis.a>: banned player [.hi im a _____.]<IBIS.4>
    You have been banned by Admin for 5 minutes
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

  2. Default

    Being banned for 5 minutes is not admin abuse.

  3. Angry Tsubasa is an admin abuser!

    I have to agree with "hi im a ____" about Tsubasa<ibis.a> obvious Admin abuse and I hope Zero checks the records and looks deeper into this matter.
    Nato<Ibis.a> a fellow admin even warned Tsubasa to not ban people simply because they had IBIS in thier name... 6-8 people were banned without warning including me because of our tags...
    What started out as an admin trying to stop people from putting <ibis.a> in thier tag turned into a witch hunt!!!
    I wear my <IBIS31337> with pride and regadless of how long the ban was for, there was simply no reason for it!!!

  4. Default

    He banned 9 people.... 3 of which had the old things like [IBIS EXPERT] and stuff like that... 9 people is TOO much, and i told him it was not bannable, he did it anyway.

    Several of the people had nothing wrong with their name, and were banned anyway.

  5. Default

    theres a HUGE difference between <ibis leet> and <ibis.4> the ibis leet model originated from our old zombie mod ranks and have left over as a fashion statement, and thus is fine. <ibis.4> is clearly a remake of our <ibis.a> admin tag and there for is against the rules.

    "im a ___" dont manipulate our OFFICIAL clan and admin tags. <ibis> is clan <ibis.a> is admin. however, feel free to alter the zm rank system, which ninja has done.

  6. Default

    yes you are quite lucky it was only a 5 min ban. I see where the admin went wrong on his spree when he shouldve focused on you.

  7. Default

    The admins ban powers were removed earlier, I am assuming that this is related to the previous topic.

  8. Default

    yea same topic zero. with this guys post the admin was right in banning him. id say the admin was half right... and if any admins said not to ban the above dude they were wrong. this is exactly what colby and tool did a few weeks ago. the admin is so new he didn't know about the zombie ranks...I didn't even know they went away.
    I don't usually say this, but I understand the removed admins intentions. he had good intentions in mind, he was just a bit ignorant due to the fact he is new. I may join zm and see if this guy uses ibis.4 again...

  9. Cool

    I dont want to make any more of an issue of this then it all ready has been... Zero has taken swift action and I thank him for it... but I would like for the Admins that werent there to understand all the facts. Most of the reason so many poeple changed thier name in the first place to things like this in "Hi im a____ (ibis.4)" is because the Admin was brand new (as in Ive never seen him on before)... very rude to all players... threatened to slay or ban many members cause they "werent moving fast enough" on snoopie and other very non admin like activities... On Roy the Ship he shot up my cade forced his way into an already cadded room then called me an asshole and a noob cause he got stuck in a couch he was tryin to stand on in front of the door! I am not saying that Hi im a____ 's actions were right.I understand you guys take both admin and clan tags seriously... in fact I side with you guys 100% but it is the majority that makes up zombie mod and when one person comes in tryin to wield the hand of god over everyone it pisses people off ! What happened was a rebellion among the members that only made him more pissed and resulted in a banning spree (against the advice of the other admins). And there were some innocents such as myself that got caught up in the crossfire!!! Again I am not looking to bring down any hate! If you read in my thread I never wanted this guy to be banned or anything I merely wanted this to stand as a record should he continue to abuse his admin powers!
    We will probably never all see eye to eye on this event and that is cool... its what keeps us as individuals... but I am glad to see so many Admins taking the time to read up on this and giving there feedbacK!!!
    Well sorry for that rant Im gonna go kill some zombies now!!!
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  10. Default

    For the record, he has had admin long enough to know what is going on. Also I only removed his ban power for now so that he can not do this again. His admin actually ends soon b/c he is going back to school. I hope that he will remember to keep the banning under control in the future if he reorders admin again...

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