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Thread: Long time overdue

  1. Smile Long time overdue

    Most of you know me as <IBIS31337>NinjaVlad(UBCS) or Vladninja
    Ive been a long time player on zombie mod but tried once to create a forum log in name had some troubles... never bothered making one until now...Now with that all fixed...
    I want to stop by introduce myself and just say Hi to all my friends, Zero, and the super great Admins on IBIS!!!
    Ive played on a number of zombie servers but realized very quickly that IBIS stood alone as the best Zombie Mod server on counterstrike...
    I look forward to cading and killing zombies with all of you... or feasting on your brains should the need arise!!!

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    Welcome to the IBIS forum.

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    IBIS S THE BEST !!!!



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    Great to see you in the forums, hope to see you in here more often.

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    Hey Vlad.. Good to see you in here get a damn Mic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cujo View Post
    Hey Vlad.. Good to see you in here get a damn Mic
    Damn, Cuj. You think that's gonna work? How many months have we been tellin' pooter to get a damned mic?? lol

    Oh, hey Vlad! See ya in zombiemod again soon!

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    thanks to everyone that taken the time to invite me to Zombie mod... I look forward to seeing you all in game in the future!!!

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    Thanks for hooking Polly up with a Vid card man.. You know ...your alright man
    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    omg dude, are you for realz a surgeon and emt? can you sign my chest? get a fuckin room
    truth of the matter is this... cujos hands can jerk me off

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