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    Just happened to be speccing this guy and it looked to me a bit like no recoil. Wanted to see what you guys thought.

    # 980 "Cat Beard" STEAM_0:0:17563659 1:07:11 76 0 active

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    was this on shotty? if so i thought he was too but i wasnt sure cuz of the shit lag on that map.

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    Yeah it was, but nobody else looked like that.

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    Cat Beard is Transparent Cannibal. He isnt using hacks

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    OK if you say so, just with the shakiness after the shots it looked like no recoil. Makin sure.

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    im pretty sure it was just the map.
    plus he was 10000 30 20 on his rates. lol.

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    That might explain it

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