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Thread: admin abuse

  1. Post admin abuse

    Admin's INGAME name:Tsubasa<ibis.a>
    You're INGAME name: <IBIS31337>Ninjavlad(UBCS)

    How did he/she abuse (See TOS):banned for putting ibis tag in name

    (ADMIN) Tsubasa<ibis.a>: banned player<IBIS31337>Ninjavlad(UBCS)
    You have been banned by Admin for 5 minutes
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

    I know 5 mins is not a long ban but the point is the Ban never should have happened and many players were banned without warning just so Tsubasa could feel good about himself. What started out as an admin tryin to get players to not post <IBIS.a> in thier tags who werent admin turned into a witch hunt! The admin was even warned by a fellow admin Nato<IBIS.a> that what he was doing was wrong and continued anyways. When my ban was up I logged back in and Tsubasa had already logged out. I think admins have thier powers for a reason and most respect the rules and help make Zombie mod fun for everyone. I talked to Pooter after this event occured and he suggested I post on the forums. I hope if nothing else this will stand as a record should Tsubasa continue to Abuse his admin privlages...

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    Same as other post, 9 people, 3 who had NOTHING wrong with their names... warned him, and he continued, 9 is too many, regardless of the ban time....

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    Thanks Nato for verifying that... this was a bad experience but wil not make me even think twice about playing on IBIS...
    I am glad that we have so many good admins willing to do the right thing and stand up for us little people :-P

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    This is a rare event that an admin goes on a "banning spree" i assure you, keep playing you will love the servers, they are all full of helpful, kind people who are looking to have a fun time. Admins should be there to encourage that "fun having" to ensure that maximum "fun" is achieved. ^^

    P.S. normaly my posts are not so retarded, but it's 5:03 AM so i don't care :P

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    ya i was there tsuba banned a bunch of people, nato and i were asking why he was doing all those bannings repeatedly on the mic, so we thought maybe he didnt have sound on so then we typed in admin chat and he didnt reply and continuted banning like 5 others, i got there a bit late i didnt see why it happened or the peoples names or fake tags or w/e but tsuba did ignore both me and nato asking him why he was doing these bannings

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    i didnt read the thread.

    the ONLY guidlines we have with our tags are <ibis> and <ibis.a>

    <ibis> is for clan members

    <ibis.a> is for admins

    ibis leet and ibis noob and such are free. any manipulation of our tags <ibis> and <ibis.a> are also prohibited.

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    You bring up a good point...
    where can I find info on joining the IBIS clan...
    I am not sure Im rated high enough to be in such a wonderful clan...
    but I would love to know what some of the guide lines are for entrance should I ever be worthy!!!

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    This admins ban powers have been revoked.

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    Let me know if you are still banned.

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    well the first step is to make an app.

    our biggest guideline is to play the pub as much as possible to get to know the other clan members.

    another is time online, and skill plays a slight factor aswell. the timeonline and relationship with clan can over ride your skill though lol

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