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Thread: 9/11

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    I think we have a thread for this already so....
    Where, what were you doing, and what did you see when you heard about 9/11

    I was in Brooklyn crossing the bridge to see the WTC, when I saw the first plane hit, I saw the second plane hit, I witnessed people jumping and falling to there deaths from the top floors.
    and I forgot to mention I was a fucking 5 year old
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    I was asleep a majority of the day.. Or playing Nintendo 64. I forget.

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    wow im sorry to hear you had to see all that.

    I was in grade 7 at the time and all the teachers were in and out all day. when i went home i saw on the news that there was an attack on the US.

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    i was in school, and they said "theres an emergency, students are going home" and i was like "eh probly nothing" got home, turned on the news, and you can guess the rest. a short time later my dad called and desribed hearing a bunch of noise and sirens, which he found out later was the plane hitting the pentagon. i'm puttin up my american flag today. god bless america

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    I was in Elementary school in art class, the teacher turned on the live news feed of the first tower burning and then we saw the second tower get hit and she turned it off.

    I've been watching the History channel all day, it's really sad
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    I was home (in Denmark), sick.. watching cartoon when it got interrupted with the text "Breaking News" and then i watched that for the rest of the day..
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    i was there when it happened, I was young and with my family and aunt in a restaurant we heard a boom, only about 7 blocks away..

    I am not lieing but it was terrifying and i couldn't sleep that day.
    Also check this video out..
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    I was getting ready for school (wes coast time so the first plane hit already) and all I hear is my grandmother yelling THE BASTARDS HIT US OMG THEY HIT US!

    My uncle is a firefighter for Colcester Ct. They were called in for the WTC crisis..

    This is also the day I vowed myself to help protect this country.

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    I was in middle school. Watched it on TV while in class.

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    3rd grade and found out from my 5th grade buddy.

    I rather not talk about 9/11 on the internet, to many people think its a conspiracy
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