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Thread: not sure if this is a introduction or not.....

  1. Default not sure if this is a introduction or not.....

    after a few months away ive finaly gotten back to css.... but unfortunatly my old forum id was destroyed so ive made a new one, also i have a totaly new steam id and alot has changed for me, like now my ping is outrageous now that ive moved and have a new comp, isp and basicaly everything. so i was wondering if some people could give me some tips as to lower it, and if i could have my clan status back?

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    Yo Wicked ...sup bud...actually...everyone id on forums has been deleted as the forums had to get totally reboot like 2 months ago...and for your member status..i don t think someone never took it away from you...check with Zero...but i am pretty sure your still a clan member man..... anyway....for you ping ...i m not the guy for that....

    Good to have you back......see you in-game!!!


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    Yea, I just have to set the privileges. Also your ping is probably more a result of a bad host. Do you have dsl, if so you are too far from the center and will not be able to use dsl to game.

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    Welcome back,Nice To see you again!

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    aw, hes so cute, he thought he wasnt in the clan...

    welcome back wicked.

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    isnt my fault i thought i was out, i was gone for idk how long but well over 3 months and never even contacted any of ya, now i gotta get used to the new wave of regulars.

    also i dont know what i did but i messed around with my computer for about 6 hours configuring rates and exchanging my modems and i got it to where i can play the server without getting booted......

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    for ping, if your on wireless - get closer to the base - makes a huge difference for me
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    And the circling is worth it, finding beauty in the dissonance

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    Welcome back. I think midget has been missing longer than Wicked, hasn't he?

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    wicked welcome back full time. I rec just reinstalling steam and doing a defrag on the comp. miget is on a tour with work so hopefully he comes back soon.
    rate 30000
    cl_cmdrate 100
    cl_updaterate 100
    do a defrag on your comp. check a thread I started on 8600 video card help in the user help section and the guys replied with some great suggestions... check it out its a good thread. see you in a week.

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    Welcome Back Baby Cakes !

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