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    I have a personal request that some of you will agree with, but my guess is that many of you won't care for. I want to request that more escape maps be listed on the RTV nominate list. The first map on the zombie_mod listing is black mesa, but the other 30 sum odd maps are all cade maps. A little variety in the style of the game, by mixing up map type, keeps people in the server longer.

    Also, does nominate always work, because I see maybe 3 people nominate before an RTV and those maps don't always show up? Thanks for the clarification and consideration ahead of time.

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    when u rtv it is a random thing its not up to the admins then....i guess if u want to play better maps then your just gonna have to get u can actually control what types of maps that u wanna play...(you can also ask an admin to build a map vote too not sure if they will though)


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    better than some cade maps.

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    lol, i'm gonna suggest you just walk out and take a break when i'm senior in zm.

    escape maps blow ass. the only 2 good ones got broken in the update
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