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Thread: UKanime Minutes

  1. Wink UKanime Minutes

    This forum is for putting up the minutes we take in club.
    Hopefully, this will keep people informed even when they have to miss club.

  2. Default 9/14/2020

    New Business:
    • Steve’s awesome website for the club is now up!
    • Kazuko Sensei needs suggestions for her cultural fair-look for the forum!
    • September Cookout! –update will be later this week
    • Voting will be online-at least partly
    • Zak is working on a t-shirt deal
    • Sugoicon group rate is dependent on the number of members
    This Week’s Anime: Macross Seven
    This Week’s AMVs:
    AMV Hell Mini I
    Britiana (explicative) Yeah!
    Ego Trip
    Rumble in the New York
    Macabre Serenada
    Continous Play
    Code Monkey

    Next Week’s Food: Firehouse Subs

  3. Default 9/21/2010

    Food: Firehouse Subs
    Anime: Angel Beats

    We finally got around to voting for fall semester anime!
    We will be watching animes in the following order:
    Arakawa Under the Bridge
    Lovely Complex
    Bagata H Kei
    and I will know the rest once I get list back from Steve.

    This Saturday we will be having a cookout at Woodland Park 3-10pm. Please Join us! (Austin is also providing a water gun fight if you want to get wet.)

    We will be staying at the Drawbridge inn, and members get free admission to the booked rooms.

    AMV Hell Mini ep 2
    Dragonball the Silent Movie

    Next Week Food: Arbys
    Anime: Arakawa Under the Bridge
    Don't you love Japanese interpretations of American Superheroes?

  4. Default 9/28/2010

    New Business:

    Food: Arby
    Anime: Arakawa Under the Bridge

    The First Ten Anime:
    • Arakawa Under the Bridge
    • Lovely Complex
    • Heroman
    • Bartender
    • Baka H Kei
    • Zombie Loan
    • EF
    • Lupin III
    • Gundam X
    • Katen Gatori

    T-shirt Design - We have one! It will be up on the forums!

    Sugoicon-fill out the online form-then turn it into the club for the 10% discount,
    Because we have the rooms booked! Turn in the forms by next Tuesday.

    Decided on a Karoke event-look on the forums for updates.

    Coming Out Day from G.S.A. - we may have a table! Guys bring the Yuri, girls will bring the Yaoi.

    1. AMV Hell Mini 3
    2. Hit Me Baby One More Time
    3. Quid Pro Quo
    4. Be a Star Man
    5. Hypno
    6. Russian Luliby
    7. Celebrating a Decade of Anime

    Next Week
    Anime: Lovely Complex
    Food: Han Woo Rei- the other side to Sqecial
    Don't you love Japanese interpretations of American Superheroes?

  5. Default 10/5/2010

    Today’s Food: Han Ri Woo
    Anime: Lovely Complex
    New Business:
    • We will have a money order to send for Sugoicon tonight- Bring your form for all of us to send. The group rate is $27 dollars. We cannot accept cash, but checks are fine. For the people with cash-pay back Houston for the money order.
    • Anime Karoke will be September 25 (you will need a time machine to meet us back in 1977). The Club will be paying for the first three hours. Expect for the event to start around 6pm.
    • AMV Hell Mini 4
    • High School Never Ends
    • Timelock
    • Perfect You Are
    • Memori
    • Can Always Kill Excel
    • Real Soviet Damage
    • FMA Always Hardcore

    Next Week:
    Food-Smash Burger
    Anime- Heroman
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  6. Default

    umm Aly.... the KarAoke event shall be on October 23rd....

    Anyways ill have a forum post of it up tommorrow with the all the information needed

    but yah, just for fun, i shall schedule the next karaoke event to be september 25th 2011

    (btw after you read this, click the check box above my post, and go down to the "Moderation" tab and click Delete Post(s) to delete my message from here)
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  7. Default October 12 2010

    Food: Smash Burger
    Anime: Heroman
    New Business:
    • Saturday Oct. 23, Karoke party at 6pm.
    • Come next week to decide about transportation to Sugoicon
    • Set up a booth at coming out day?
    • B.Y.P. and 16th- talk to Austin
    • 30th of Oct. Party at Joanna-3 dollar at door-and B.Y.P.
    o Costumes encouraged
    • AMV Hell Mini 5
    • Phenomenon (Open Your Soul)
    • Allegretto
    • D-ON!
    • Floyd’s Nightmare
    • Ordained from Above
    • White People Please Beat Your Kids
    • Photos & Phone Calls

    Next Week:
    Food: Fazolis
    Anime: Bartendar

  8. Default 9/19/2010

    Food: Fazoli
    Anime: Bartender
    New Business
    • T-shirt taken care of this week
    • Karoke- will have a link for directions on the website
    • Intermission-we will be talking about rides to Karoke-check the forums
    • Sugoicon Rides will be talked about this week
    • We have new speakers! So, shut up and listen please!
    • Coming Out Day is this Friday! Booth?

    AMV Hell Mini 6
    White People Please Beat Your Kids
    Part of you, Shadow of Me
    I Ain’t Marrying no Friggin Horse
    Confessions to the Dance Floor
    Brutal Zombie Hybrid Murder Event
    Magic Pad
    Brainless Violence

    Next Week:
    Food: Jimmy Johns
    Anime: Baka H Kei
    Don't you love Japanese interpretations of American Superheroes?

  9. Default 10/26/2010

    Food: Jimmy Johns
    Anime: Baka H Kei
    New Business:
    • Sugoicon rides: members check the forums!
    • Saturday the 30th Joanna and Ariel are having a party- 1551 A. Hecon Lane behind St. Joseph-7pm- no minors will be drinking alcohol

    • Part of you, Shadow of Me
    • I ain’t marrying no Friggin Horse
    • Magic Pad
    • Brainless Violence
    • Genesis
    • Phuck You
    • Euphoria
    Next Week:
    Food: Tolly Ho
    Anime: Zombie Loan
    Don't you love Japanese interpretations of American Superheroes?

  10. Default November 2 2010

    Food: Tolly Ho
    Anime: Zombie Loan
    New Business:
    • New member dues
    • Bring postcard for Sugoicon or no badge! If you don’t get your postcard bring some ID.
    • Rides for Sugoicon-on the forums. Please exchange numbers with your driver! The announcement is on the website.
    • Please Practice Hygiene
    • There is a formal ball-must wear nice clothes or costumes
    • Next Wednesday is the Anime Manga Event-need some help with the Banner-contact Austin for more info
    • Guys night out- Next Weekend-Girls show up show cleavage!
    • Girls Night Out will be in December
    AMV Hell Mini 8
    Spanish Wolf
    To the Future
    Fight For Justice
    In the Arternum
    Gothic Poetry
    Next Week:
    Food: Arby’s
    Anime: EF
    Don't you love Japanese interpretations of American Superheroes?

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