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Thread: Aero/Coretz's App

  1. Default Aero/Coretz's App

    Real Name : Justin

    Weapons of Choice : M4, Deagle, AUG

    Maps : D2, Italy

    Reason for App : Ibis servers are almost the only servers I play on and I always wanted to be in the Ibis team.

    Experience : Ive been through a couple of clans for my fair share of scrimmages and a 3 tournaments. Tell me what to do and I will get to it immediately.

    Contact Info : [email protected]

    A little about me : Im well into football so i'm at practice weekdays from 6-8:30 pm.


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    saw him today, how old are you?

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    Good luck with your the pub more, get to know the guys, be patient....chill!!!

    See you there


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    good luck with your app

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    ive played with him, he sounds like hes 12-14 but regardless hes a fairly decent player pretty cool kid.

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    Hm, everything went all... quiet.

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    thats what usually happens on the apps...havent seen you on in a few days

    when do you play the most?

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    Well, ill be on more now since my sister is el computer whore and since my dad limited our times to 4 hours a day and 2 hours a day when school starts i will be able to play more.

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    Your dad is a wiseman....


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    Quote Originally Posted by The.Beast.13. View Post
    Your dad is a wiseman....

    Yep he is a wise man. Over usage of the internet has lowered grades for many people in this country.

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