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Thread: A good fix

  1. Lightbulb A good fix

    So, as some of you have noticed the databases are going up and down more often. This is logically driven in part by the popularity of the site and the array of databases that I host. When things start getting slow I log into the control panel and manually repair and optimize the databases. A task that I have discovered that I should be doing daily... Well lucky I have set it up to auto preform this task for me every single day so that the forums and other databases are always up and running. (thus also saving me about 1.5 hours of work every week )

    I just like to keep you all updated on the inner workings of what goes on here, so have a good day and some great kills.

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    Nice work Zero...kind of thing pple never think of but when the job s not done...pple are very good to whine about it!!!


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