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    Admin's INGAME name: Perry
    You're INGAME name:Joker

    How did he/she abuse (See TOS): he unbanned hallwagner after only a few hours, and when only the admin that banned him can unban them (other than clan members)

    Proof (Proof is NEEDED in order to report abuse, if the abuse contains admin commands and chat only a date and time is needed; however, a screen shot or console copy is helpful):i dont have proof other than the people that were on the server that heard him say that he unbanned him

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    so why not just re ban him, and inform perry of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    so why not just re ban him, and inform perry of this?
    because he was supposed to be unbanned later on today, also because perry shouldnt be unbanned other admins' bans

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    Perry threw a hissy fit when Brian unbanned Bink a couple weeks ago even though all the admins told him he wasn't hacking.

    Totally off topic though :P
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    it was actually fdsal0 and this was after a bit of the discussion on the forums about it. i didnt ask him to unban me, he offered, and i said sure. joker and i have already had a discussion and we are cool now. i do agree that unbanning me before the issue was fully resolved was a bad move on the admins part, but as a player (non-admin) i didn't really complain

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    ya please lern2read before accusing. I unmuted hall. not unban. he was already in GG at the time.

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    Sounds like you resolved this yourself.


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