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Thread: General Server Rules 1.8

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    Quote Originally Posted by firstblood View Post
    Well, I have overstepped my role as an admin then. About a month ago I had someone come from the zombie server to the GG specifically to ask for an admin to help with a racist. Upon entering the server, the man was ranting about how he hated "dirty, filthy, n*****s" and had apparently been doing so for over 20 minutes. I muted him without warning. He wasn't specifically calling anyone in the server one, but made it very clear that they all needed to die in a tree. After muting the guy, I warned him against hate speech verbally, and he continued to type his rant into the chat bar, so I banned him. Some were asking him to knock it off, and several were very audibly upset at his continued use of the term. I suppose I owe that guy an apology. I'll step down from admin if I was too out of line. Let me know.

    I assume that the majority of CS:S players are white males, but with hate speech enabled on these servers, I understand why. I'm surprised kayla and rawr play here as sexism isn't mentioned either. Would a female admin be reprimanded for kicking/banning those with sexist speech, as long as it's not directed towards them?

    Child pornography is a federal offense in the U.S. which is the law that governs these servers. I don't see how ibis can casually allow it, as any tolerance is implicitly illegal. The rules allow child porn for crying out loud.
    But, should it be gay porn created from 2 consenting adults, or a nude fat woman, it's specifically prohibited.

    I'm just trying to figure out these very relaxed rules truth be told. Chalk it up to being a newer admin if you'd like.
    An admin is not REQUIRED to make admin calls if they are unsure, so it's ok, next time try having an ULA or clan member on your friends list if you need further clarification.

    Even though his racism wasn't directed towards anyone, yes we do still have a mic spamming rule, or inappropriate language.

    Lastly as for the sprays, if it's like a dick spray or something gross, i will usually tell the customer to remove it, and if it isnt removed/changed then I will kick. Child porn sprays is immediate removal with admin command and warning and kick without a second warning. If they come back again and I see that shit, it's automatic ban without warning. That's for me atleast though.

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    OMG minj just told me i said "i will usually tell the customer to remove it"... i just had a customer in here.

    I will usually tell to players to remove it. Players. Yah feel me playa?

    Oh and all our female admins and players are strong independent woman! Sexism is not a factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil.™ View Post
    Sexism is not a factor.
    I wouldnt say that, but most of the adults here know enough to just ignore the people that spew that shit out. And our female admins are pretty kick ass.

    Seems to have died down since the release of GO, kids just moved onto that I suppose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    So... what your trying to tell me is that you saw a spherical square?

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    Sexism is never really an issue here, it's when someone goes out of their way disrespect and harass us because we're women. That falls under the player disrespect rule and is usually dealt with in a reasonable manner.

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