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Thread: Taking it back ol' school

  1. Default Taking it back ol' school

    Somone earlier today was requesting nwa (you know who you are). And after fulfilling this request I found myself hooked all over again so this is for all you who miss the ol' school gangsta rap (the real shit)

    and of course

    Edit: Cant believe I forgot

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    lol i remember listening to nothing but a g thang at summer camp when i was little

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    How about some old school east coast rap than some jeri curl westcoast fools.

  5. Default (To this day I wanna start throwing bows when I hear this. Technically not either east or west but in ATL as a kid mystikal/no limit was on top for a WHILE

    Not old school but i had to add it. He MURDERED him on this track

    And finally...

    You should be pleased with that list. Plenty of NYC there

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