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Thread: unban

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    Hey guys from ibis i was banned a while ago and never put up a post until now. I went into the server and it said i maybe cheating. You are Banned. I just wanted to know more and get unbanned.

    Thanks alot,


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    When was this?
    What server?
    What is your Steam ID?

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    This was a few months ago like 4 or 5. My steam id is STEAM_0:0:26236254. It was on the pub.


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    Why'd you wait so long to make a post??

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    I stoped playing counter strike and played garrys mod and now im coming back to counter strike and want to play ibis because it was my favorite pub.

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    Ah gotcha

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    how long until i am unbanned because i did nothing wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdanek View Post
    i did nothing wrong?
    you were bannd for something...

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    There's nothing in the bans section that I can find regarding that steam ID. If someone banned you, they either didn't report it or they reported it and didn't have the steamid.

    Edit: Shit you could have just pissed a clan member off.
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    No this is what happened. Ive been playing on the server for like over 2 months. One time after I updated counter strike i went into the server and a message appeared. You are suspected of Cheating Banned. So im like wtf and just stopped playing Counter strike and started playing garrys mod and now im going back to counter strike and i want to play again.

    edit: It was when i first joined the server i couldnt even pick a gun or team. it was sending and then the message appeared.


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