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Thread: Favre to Jets..opinions???

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    Hey guys....I just want some opinion on that since no one brought the subject...How old s this guy btw......104???!!! shit


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    reminds me of when montana went to KC. fortunatly he wasnt there long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    reminds me of when montana went to KC. fortunatly he wasnt there long. he gonna choke???

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    Good for GB, they needed a change and they eventually had to develop Aaron's skills as a QB, i mean who drafts a QB in the first round and sits them on then bench for 4 seasons? I'm actually surprised GB let him go tho. I was expecting them to give him the money and bench him for the whole season just to make sure he didn't go anywhere else.

    As for the Jets? Bad move. Yes they needed a QB but Brett Favre wasnt the guy. He's been under the GB playbook his whole career and before he went to GB he sucked at Atlanta, so now he's gotta go back to the basics and learn their whole playbook by the regular season. Plus, he's too much of a wild card? Who can guarantee he wont retire after this next season if he doesn't do well? Leaving the Jets with no QB since they released Chad Pennington.

    Bottom line? Noone can play forever and its better to go out at the peak then to risk more seasons in the league when you already have bookoo money and a shoe-in for a hall of fame spot. Just go ahead and retire Favre, noone's gonna forget you, I promise.

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    Browns lost Bad move!

  6. Default Jets? pffffft

    it doesn't matter if the jets have Favre the Bills will sweep them again, GB will get no better then a 3rd round pick for him.

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    Yo Bret favre is a hack. The jets are still going to be as shitty this year as they were last year so it don't matter.

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