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Thread: R.I.P. Bernie Mac -

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    just looking at the news and saw Bernie mac died..

    sad he was a good comedian

    and he was great in the ocean's movies
    and well hell, the man sold bumblebee in transformers..

    web says he died of complications to pneumonia

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    yeah too bad short life, R.I.P Bernie!

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    only the good die young...

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    I enjoyed his comedy. The fan base loved him because he brought black comedy to a whole new level.

    RIP Bernie Mac

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    Yea he was funny. RIP

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    bad year. George Carlin and Bernie Mac... god why do the good 1;s have to go.. why cant the crappy ones die..

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    dangerfield and christopher reieves died near each other aswell. i believe so anyways.

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    What?!? That sucks man, he was cool as shit...

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    RIP he was a funny man

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