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Thread: Resin 9/29/2010 22:00?

  1. Default Resin 9/29/2010 22:00?

    Name in Game: ReSin
    Steam-ID: Steam_0:0:4096898
    Who banned you: Vladninja
    When: 9/29/2010
    Where: Gungame (I guess that's what goes there)
    Why banned: Apparently I was using some kind of wallhack/ping maskering(what?)/sharing internet connection/Japan.

    Other/Reason to unban:

    I'm not actually from Japan, contrary to popular belief.

    I use sound very much to my advantage (surround sound headphones = win), I am also very good at seeing mostly everything on my screen (I won't say everything because there are things I miss) and quickly reacting to it when I'm not half asleep. Knowing where people are likely to hide helps too.

    I use visual queues as well, for example: teammates running in a direction shooting means that there is most likely a person where they are looking. The server has a tracer mod I guess because I can see the bullets so that means if you follow the tracers then you know where the bullets are coming from (tracers work both ways irl too).

    As far as the person that I knifed who was around a corner (which was the ultimate deciding factor?), I did not know that he was there until I turned the corner (see fast reaction time) I did however know that there was someone else in there and I was going to try to knife that person and in the process of trying to avoid their bullets I jumped into the corner where there was the person who I then proceeded to stab to death.

    One more thing I would like to note about what tentoes said, "/it".
    Really? That's mean, no one calls someone an "it".

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    i call blade and holy "it"

    especially when they've been naughty.

    anyway, you were caught by a clan member. shits hard to undo already.

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    I've played with you a couple of times, ReSin, and I've enjoyed the competition a whole lot. I never saw anything suspect while playing with you. No individual parts of the posted demo stand out as being ridiculously impossible, and since I can't see your radar, I'm not going to play the guessing game about what you could and could not see. I also know that what you hear in a demo in terms of ambient sounds is a whole lot different from what you pick up on while playing the game. The one thing that gets me is that you're really on and off your game from round to round, and I can see how that can arouse suspicion with the admins. I'm not really one to question round-to-round inconsistencies with the way I play myself, so I wouldn't have issued a ban over what I saw in that demo.

    I was banned from this server early on as well, so if you're clean and legitimate, then I sympathise, and hope that you'll speak your case well. You've been good company whenever we've played together.
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    unbannd by request. reply 2 this thread if it didn't work, or hit me up on STEAM my account is hockeyplyr

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    unbannd by request. reply 2 this thread if it didn't work, or hit me up on STEAM my account is hockeyplyr
    I told Maynard to unban you.
    I saw some really fishy things in game with you but the Demo did not have enough evidence to warrant a perma ban.

    Hopefully we were just being paranoid....
    I look forward to playing with you again.

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    Thanks, it's a lot of fun playing with everyone else as well and I would like to keep playing with you.

    Unfortunately I have to run to work so this is just a short post. See you in game....or here again.......well, not in this part of the forum at least.

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