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Thread: Extended Downtime Due to Valve

  1. Arrow Extended Downtime Due to Valve

    Well valve has broken the servers and it will take a day or so for the programmers to fix all of the mods again. During this time only the pub server will work.

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    Still working on ZM but now the SM web servers are crashing from too many people...

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    Looks to be an issue with sdk hooks. I am going to take a break for now and check back around 7 to see if there is a fix out then. So far I got it to load up but it crashes when a zombie is selected.

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    Zombie Mod will be down until tomorrow. It is FUBAR right now so I am not even going to mess with it any more until a full fix is ready.

    The closest I got was making it so you could play until someone became a zombie but now it just crashes as soon as it loads...

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    Zombie server fixed

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