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Thread: Blink's app

  1. Default Blink's app

    Real name:
    Jeffrey Lee

    May 18 1990

    St. Paul MN

    Ingame name:

    Fav. guns:
    p90,duelies,sniper rifle

    Fav. maps:
    Any cading map in zmod

    Contact info:
    message me in-game or p.m. on steam

    Reason for app:
    I've been playing ibis for about 2 years now...been an admin for about 11 months. I've had 2 different steam accounts...use to play as GaaD (gave that one to my nephew)I'm mainly on Zmod but every so often ill be on the other ibis servers. I love the community and the players that play on it....and of course everybody loves the drama on ibis. I'm pretty mello and quite (i do have a mic i just rarely use it)..I've always used my admin prevs. sparingly...but if have to I will step in and be a punk. I feel I'll be a great addition to the clan and help the community grow as one...

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    Fun and good player.

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    +1. This guy is honestly one of our best admins. No abuse, no trouble at all. Very agreeable when choosing a map.

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    Good Luck Blink
    Quote Originally Posted by Starfish :3 View Post
    well if you'd be having a pool party with the other clan member and admins, and the rest of the community would be invited, people would start leaving soon, because they don't like being called niggers, or whores, or assholes, or even being banned from the pool cuz they swim faster, by people in charge that can't stand it if someone else wins.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Why do we not start with solarsoul's response and then follow it up with a flame war so it fits the trend of the other threads lol.

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    Thanks u guys and gal....i appreciate the support....

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    Quote Originally Posted by OMGBEARS
    I feel it is important for me to let you know how feeble your efforts to strike such feelings inside of me really are. I have the internal fortitude of a large animal, an elephant, for instance. Likewise, I'm the result of coitus between the devil and a pack mule made out of chainsaws, so I am extremely strong, and carry little care for others in this world. Trees also stand aside due to my chainsaw blood.
    Quote Originally Posted by ๖ReS View Post
    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    +1 for you blink. one of the best zmod admins and rarely causes problems

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    GLK man

    One cannot improve if they cannot see their mistakes!

    If you can't do it right, Don't bother!

    DeadEyeDeNNi$ <ibis.a>

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    +1 for you man!

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    i guess i need to play zmod more so i cant meet more peeps/\.

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