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Thread: Perma Banned Dexte for Aimbot

  1. Default Perma Banned Dexte for Aimbot

    Steam: STEAM_0:1:35299018 Dexte
    Server: zombie mod
    Reason: he was aimbotting and kept saying "I HAVE THE BEST AIMBOT"


    it was obvious i was spectating him as soon as he said that he has the best aimbot. in the video he was talking to to Scorpion (STEAM_0:1:12779239) in russian and then he began his fury. i immediatly stopped him and blade raged at me because he was too slow in banning . blade obviously deserve it but i accidentally perma banned him . i unbanned him though. video kinda funny but it confirmed Dexte was hacking.

    KEEP AN EYE ON SCORPION - STEAM_0:1:12779239

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    He was most certainly hacking and I think I broke a blood vessel in my head from yelling.

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    That and he kept spamming "I have best Aimbotter".....

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    fucking retarded kids.

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