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Thread: JRMY (_) Steam_0:0:33410971

  1. Default JRMY (_) Steam_0:0:33410971

    Players name ; JRMY (_)
    Steam ID ; STEAM_0:0:33410971

    He got out of the server before i could ban him but he was easily wall hacking and most likey using silent aim because he would zoom straight to an opponent when his first target died , didnt get that long of a demo because he left but if u dont see the hacking your blind, also i was recording myself for a video and stumbled across him and started watching, he doesnt start until 3.00 minutes into the demo.

    please someone go and ban him i dont know how to ban after someone is gone.
    here is everything i could get

    22: STEAM_0:0:33410971 JRMY (_) GzUgMhe7Z77/px0tIP9mSDb27Nhc6hXzLehBkKuIoL4=
    JRMY (_) connected.
    [] No positive match found for JRMY (_) (STEAM_0:0:33410971).
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