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Thread: Admin abuse normal?

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    I have been back for about less than two weeks. I'm not really happy at ZM. Made up rules at imcompitence of the player, giving health to self to avoid death as a zombie, no clipping into other peoples cades claiming to "cade hop" and getting to secrets and ahead of the map before anyone else.

    Now call me an old player, but I learned from Cujo and Bluedevil, and not once did I see them use their power to their advantage. Whether it be using noclip to skip a hill, or using the givehealth command to avoid death as a zombie.

    We had an issue with people switching teams to avoid death when their cade was broken, which was unfair. Counted as a Ztele from zombies and we banned people for it. So why the fuck this abuse tolerated?

    This is flat out abuse, to the max. I saw admins do shit that make players say, "Oh its just that admin." Really? Wtf?! Since when has abuse become the norm? To have fun? Its not fun to a lot of us when ADMINS cheat to gain an advantage. Its not fun to have admins cexec your motd to disgusting images, not giving a fuck about whether its because its a certian day of the week, we are not /b/. What the fuck are the people that play in the ibis zm sever learning about us? We cheat and we gain an unfair advantage. What is this teaching new admins? That its ok?

    Just because we have admin doesn't mean we can abuse the shit out of it. You play the game like, guess what, EVERYONE ELSE! You are not special and I really don't give a fuck who you are whether or not you are an old player or not. Don't use admin to gain an unfair advantage!! To everyone that knows what is going on and doesn't do anything about it, you are doing yourself a disservice to the server by not saying anything.
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    Was waiting for something like this to be posted.

    New admins have a new standard when it comes to abuse.

    Now, im not giving any names, but.
    Nowadays its not abuse when you noclip to places, "Cade hop" as anex said, give yourself HP, ive seen grenades being spawned.

    Now, im not saying i am 100% innocent. but mine were at times where the entire server was just fucking around basically.

    Certain people do it all the time.
    Now, i like these certain people and all, but honestly i don't like seeing them do this.

    Its annoying, unfair to others, and not the way it should be.
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    I need names as they should not have no clip or the ability to change health. No one is supposed to have those powers, I can either get a list of names or I am going to be auditing all the admin logs until I find out who got these abilities.

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    Blade, and from what I hear blade is nowhere near to clone, but I have not seen clone abuse to the point of cheating. I know there are abuse threads but nothing that I know of that would be concrete as I have seen on a first hand account. I didn't want to point Blade out single handedly as this post was mean't for all zm admins.

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    Removing noclip and health is perfectly fine with me, removes the temptation.

    I would also like to note why the hell we have restrict guns. When some admin decides to restrict every gun, it makes it almost impossible to win.
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    True blade, you make a good point. When an admin decides to do shit solely on what he wants, that is when it becomes abuse and stops being fun for the rest of us, disrupts the game because not everyone wants to do play that. A whimsical decision should not be forced upon all players on the server. Next time when someone does that, report it. Don't stay silent.

    I'm sorry Zero. You shouldn't have to restrict anything, as an admin should know what is appropriate. You actually having to go and remove commands, just goes to show how bad admins have become.
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    dude! rules 1 & 2!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    dude! rules 1 & 2!!!!!!!
    Who the fuck cares perry. Get the fuck out. Go rule 34 some ben10. Quit trying to be an oldfag when we know you are indeed an newfag.
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    Lmao go anex

    "lol.. im surprised no one has called hacks on me recently....i have gotten better" - Perry

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    Final word, Trazen DO NOT ADD BOTS to the server.

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