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Thread: I was banned?

  1. Default I was banned?

    Just curious to why I was banned? thanks
    Chinese Chaser Chantzy '.'
    Ice Rain Penguin Chantzy
    Master Chantzy

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    where what when steamid.

    try sticking to a normal format.
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    Rob | Ibis.a: so its cool.
    Xenn<3: oh dear jesus lol
    (ADMIN) aNex <ibis>: You are the super senior admin first class with three ranks above other admins.
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    o.O dude, you're fucking dead. i don't think posting photoshopped pics of zero's mother sleeping with the pope would even come CLOSE to taking on rob.

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    you were banned for hacking.

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    ah sorry,
    STEAM_0:0:803258 steam ID
    Last night around maybe 12am or so? There was a bunch of people screaming and yelling on mic so i whistled, turned the corner to shoot and was banned?
    Really enjoyed this server with overall good admin with no bullshit in it.

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    haah okay, just for my own curiosity can i see the video?

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    master chantzy was banned for hacking? I'm going to assume it was a shit call until a demo is released.


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    did whyte ban him?
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chantzg View Post
    haah okay, just for my own curiosity can i see the video?
    ACO i banned him

    Your were banned for suspected no recoil, after being observed by 3 admins, and also for walling.

    DEmo 1 is as follows some of what i saw.

    :58, walling, 1:07, 1:09, some instances.
    also 3:08 Straffing awp= no recoil this guy was getting jumping awps, as well as awp kill while moving.

    demo 2 is as follows, labeled Penguin4
    ":35, :40, 1:58,

    when he kills the guy that comes threw the double doors he then waits scoped in and shoots the second guy, then goes back up the ladder there were 2 remaing Ts so why did he wait for the second and not a 3rd or 4th?

    He also drops down from the ladder drops beside the box and kills tentoes, at no other point in the game does he ever drop down beside the box or even look at the box where tentoes was.

    There is alot of walling, and alot of it was very suspcious, i have more demos but they are very long.

    also why wait so long to dispute your ban?

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    Can we get the first post edited to the correct format or this is going no where.

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    I'm not sure, no one has made themselves accountable yet.

    Way to ban one of the good regs that pub has.

    edit: demo up

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