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Thread: Hadriel- heya!

  1. Default Hadriel- heya!

    Hey everyone! Been playing on your servers on/off for about a year now so I figured I may as well finally get on here, register and post something up. :P Sorry in advance for the wall of text, I'm bored at work with nothing to do haha

    Just a bit about myself..
    My name's Matt from Ontario, Canada. I'm 18, going into my 2nd year of business admin at wilfrid laurier university.

    I've got quite a hefty background in gaming, was basically raised on Doom by my dad. I've been gaming forever, though never been much of a cs player until recently. Played semi-professional Quake/Doom for several years. Competitive Guild Wars was where I had most success, being in 3 top 20 pvp guilds internationally. Now I play competitive Arenas in WoW mostly, just started a month ago though, and when I've got some spare time I hop on for some cs games on your pub or GG servers, or hit up some rock band.

    Your servers
    Like I said, been playing on and off on your servers for about a year. Haven't been on much between summers because I was in residence at uni and our net was complete crap, so I may be a new face to most. I almost always use the name Hadriel ingame, though I'll occasionally alias as *powerthirst* SHOCKOLATE or conundrum_ just for shits and giggles. When I used to play last year I was probably going by the name Annihilus or Matt110189 though

    I love to chat and get to know new peeps online all the time, so always feel free to give me a shout. I've got a real immature streak to myself that comes out sometimes haha, but only in good fun. So yea... guess that's all I can think of for now, just ask about anything else!

    I've got an xfire account, lorion123, and new adds are always welcome.

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    sup ive seen you on a bit recently, welcome to the forums

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    Good to see you on the forums, maybe I should add quake sounds for you...

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    yea i've seen you on more now but i remember before you used to play a little more

    welcome to the forums

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    welcome to the thunderdome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    welcome to the thunderdome.



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    Thanks for the warm welcome all!
    hah, no need to add them just for lil old me ZERO, they are quite entertaining though lol.

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    I remember you very well, Do you remember me (Annihilus)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dual View Post
    I remember you very well, Do you remember me (Annihilus)?
    lol...??? is that a good thing???


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    Quote Originally Posted by The.Beast.13. View Post
    lol...??? is that a good thing???

    Yeah lets just say, He should keep your nose clean.

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