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Thread: Great article on SCII

  1. Arrow Great article on SCII

    Once again for those of you not watching GOMtv you have no idea how awesome these games your missing are.

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    good stuff

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    tropic 3 looks stupid.

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    You have to pay money to watch the VODs right? You cant just watch them for free anymore?

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    You can watch the first match but not the entire set. Also now when you pay the VODs are in 720p!!!!! (if your internet can handle it, if not just let it buffer for a few min)

    The quality is great I am so happy they have it in HD now so I can actually read the unit counting station and see clearly on a 50" plasma. As I got a ticket for season 1 the season 2 ticket was only like $15 or something but even the full price is well worth it for the amount of content you get. Think, your looking at all the games from the round of 64 to the end so that is a lot of hours for that price.

    Me and jig have been buying tickets since season 1 of the classic (SC1 years ago) and it has been worth it every time.

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