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    SiIv3r (STEAM_0:1:9902538) unbanned him.

    He has been banned before for a variety of cheats before however.

    Banned from GCM GG server for wallhacks : Here
    Banned from Hellsgamers DM server : Here
    Source Bans : Here Aimbotting : Here

    Needs to be monitored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anex View Post
    Banned for autobot in gg.

    I saw the proof right before my eyes but wasnt' fast enough to record and he went on knife level.

    sure it wasn't a decepticon?

    but seriously. what is an autobot?
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    I feel it is important for me to let you know how feeble your efforts to strike such feelings inside of me really are. I have the internal fortitude of a large animal, an elephant, for instance. Likewise, I'm the result of coitus between the devil and a pack mule made out of chainsaws, so I am extremely strong, and carry little care for others in this world. Trees also stand aside due to my chainsaw blood.
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    not really a great demo, but numerous witnesses can re-iterate that he was hacking cush as omgbears, anex, snakeyes, and myself

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    Ehh, as I've said I didn't see enough to warrant a ban. I saw him shooting several times with no headshots and him managing to get a headshot to finish off said person. I saw no screen snapping, etc. Not a hacker imo.
    Yeah. I'm an admin. What of it?

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    Attached is the demo I took of him. If he cares enough I suppose he might complain, however I still conclude that there wasn't enough evidence.
    Yeah. I'm an admin. What of it?

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    You are right Bears. Unbanned him and let him know via facebook that he has been unbanned. It was a bad ban.

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    well a very shaky screen and some pretty bs headshots from a good distance with that shaky screem tells me people should keep an eye on him. i think it was a very good ban. i didn't start the demo until after he got on knife level, but while he was on nade, that p90 shot was pretty bs, but all throughout pistols he was gettin some really bs shots with his screen shaking only when he shot. although they werent ALL headshots most of them were. bad unban imo

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