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Thread: UnBan PLZ!

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    I was just on playing Jurasic park and when I hit the E key I would fly across the screen in ghost, but have know idea how. I don't hax or ever haxed. I was banned and i can see from the admins view as to why but I don't know how it happend. Plz let me know what I can do.

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    DENIED !

    jk idk what happen.

    enjoy this picture in the meantime as an admin comes and post.

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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    Please review and follow the directions:

    If you want to be unbanned and want to be unbanned fast please follow the following format. If you do not bet your ass that I will be less likely to unban you.


    If you can enter your steam-id into your profile then you have entered it in correctly. Please enter it there first so that you know that you did it right, also it makes checking your stats easier and lessens the time for us to unban.

    *******************Unban Format****************

    In the Title section -> Username Date(of ban) Time(of ban)

    In the Message section ->

    Name in Game:
    Who banned you:
    Why banned:

    Other/Reason to unban:
    Try and be clear as to what you mean by "ghost." Do you mean noclip, spec (free view), or were you ghosting by revealing where members of opposing team are?

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    Maybe this is what he meant he was doing when he said ghost.
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    So far we know he was banned and... that is it. We do not even have a steam id to identify who this is. This is why following the format is important.

  5. Default Swatlord //STEAM_0:1:4785334

    Name: swatlord
    Not sure who it was
    Today around 2pm
    Zombie server/map: Jurassic park
    I guess it would be noclip, I just jumped off the edge and pressed E to parachute and then it just nocliped, not sure why.

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    sounds like a server glitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    sounds like a server glitch
    When I joined the ZMOD server earlier,Taz immediately told me to watch out for players who noclip without admin.
    According to Taz,he said that he was noclipping when noticed in chat Swatlord was somehow going into noclip mode,followed by Swatlord flying right past him.Taz said he permabanned him for it,since according to him the only way for that happen without being an admin/clan member or without having an admin noclip is hacking.(Which is correct...)

    I'm simply stating what Taz told me,though he did sound pretty alarmed by what happened earlier.
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    I'm not sure what happend, I don't have admin but I also didn't hax.

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    You want to know why


    Taz has his noclip bound to the word lord so it affected swatlord as well.

    Problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeTwinSwords View Post
    You want to know why


    Taz has his noclip bound to the word lord so it affected swatlord as well.

    Problem solved.
    and taz is one of the ones who shouuldn't have it
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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