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Thread: Nvidia Does IT!

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    The new driver set and all the goodies are up for you people that want to test the PhysX, CUDA, ect... .

    There are some great demo apps and the trial of Badaboom (media converter) is pretty damn good.

    I myself will be cleaning and doing some testing. The testing I did with the beta drivers and PhysX were pretty impressive, cant wait to see the rest!

    Pretty nice addition for games that include heavy PhysX. The driver set even increased my 3DM06 scores 2xx. Don't know if the PhysX will help in anygames that it doesnt support but from reading around it seems to improve and even adds some extra particle effects to games that don't even utilize it.

    My Fluid Mark test.
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    I increased my 3dmark06 by 200 just for ocing my vid card. (this was with the game tests only) It probably increased my overall test even more because I am sure the extra speed helped in things like fill rate.

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    I dropped my clock back to normal, I found it kinda useless for my tests, no point in dragging out a few frames when there not needed. =\

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