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Thread: M˘rpheus App

  1. Default M˘rpheus App

    Name: Chris

    Age: 26

    In game Name: M˘rpheus

    Mic: Yes

    Weapons of Choice: Knife, Scout, Deagle

    Contact info:
    Steam: scouts1986
    Yahoo: [email protected]
    AIM: dragoncivic2001

    GG: anything medium/small sized
    Pub: any

    About Me: Live in West Virginia where i'm part owner of a computer/cellphone/electronic repair center. My first games were Wolfenstine 3D, Starcraft, Diablo.. all in that area of a timeline.

    Reasons for applying:

    Well because i enjoy playin on the server.. ppl are friendly (for most part) execpt when they knife me feel so betrayed, buy anyways.. its a cool server and the clan seems very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin View Post
    Who are you?

    What's you bank account number?

    Social security number?

    When all is recieved, I shall wish you good luck!
    this poor bitch needs the money so do what she says.

    +1 awesome player.

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    +1 good guy great player

    I like morpheus, he has a level head, and he isnt the type to bitch about things which is rare.

    "lol.. im surprised no one has called hacks on me recently....i have gotten better" - Perry

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    No clue who you are.

    Good luck!

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeimuzu View Post
    No clue who you are.

    Good luck!
    Lol... what he said.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    Quote Originally Posted by inthebutt View Post
    ITB, tell us how u REALLY feel !!!

    One cannot improve if they cannot see their mistakes!

    If you can't do it right, Don't bother!

    DeadEyeDeNNi$ <ibis.a>

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    lol this guy don't let this one in and btw he HACKS.........

    J/K he's a legit player and i have known him for a good number of years and he can and will be an asshole, but he is a respectable asshole(sort of like me). the only down fall is that you have to put him on a short leash for a little while because idk if he will go on a powere trip because i have seen him do it before. I'm just saying.

    +1 good player, legit, and he a pretty cool guy.
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    your kool by me fun player.


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    forget me joining, i cant be part of a clan that wont listen to the players.. certain admins are just oblivious to that concept. so with this post i retrack the application. and you guys wont be seeing me on ibis forums, or any server ibis owns. now someone else can win in my place.... peace

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