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    Name in Game: Envy Ibis.a
    Who banned you: Whytboiz
    When: Few days ago
    Where: Gungame
    Why banned: Assuming "disrespect"

    Other/Reason to unban: I accidentally TK'd him. He said if I did it on purpose again he would ban me. I responded that it was an accident. He repeated his statement. I responded with something along the lines of.... " STFU and stop being a faggot and get your panties out of a twist it was accident."

    I spoke to him the same way I would to anyone else.
    I agree he had grounds to ban me (ASSUMING clan members are above the ToS and can ban admins...) but more then a day is rather excessive.
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    Did you say you were not admin anymore ? If so, then the TOS does not apply in this case.

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    I have less then a month of admin. I canceled my sub but it was payed for the month.

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    i didnt ban him for just "disrespect"

    he shot me almost instantly after the round started, then finished the job later into the round... theres one point

    also, when he joined the server he made the statement "i still havea few days left on my admin, so im going to enjoy the time i have left"

    now any admin with ant brains would see the red flag of possible admin abuse and mass banning.

    so i combined everything together to make one conclusion.

    envey made a farewell thread... he joins the server with a few days left of admin, proceeds to shoot me(his team mate) and is OVERTLY disrespecting me and causing a scene. i then neutralized the situation.

    farewell envy.

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    i would recomend to lift the ban once his admin has ben de-activated.

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    I have about a MONTH of admin whyt. I even stated in my farewell that I would stop in from time to time. Why would I go on a mass banning?

    I shot you at the begining of the round due to a finger twitch. Ask around, I apologize for it from time to time. Then I accidentally killed you shooting at the enemy you walked by. I apologized to you for it.

    1 TK last I knew was not grounds for a ban to begin with. Which is why I assumed disrespect.

    This whole thing reeks of illegitimacy.

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    Toasties, I am going to respectfully ask you to not post please. I get the feeling that you posting more will just stir the pot. I want this fixed as quickly as possible.

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    Closed until Zero evaluates the situation.

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    It has been said many times before that one admin can not ban another for any reason. (Although it has been overlooked when used to stop an abusing admin from destroying the servers)

    If he was doing things against the rules he should have been demoed and reported. He has been unbanned and whyt is losing permaban for the rest of the month. Whyt you should seriously know better than this.

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