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Thread: ZOMBIE MOD+ Settings

  1. Default ZOMBIE MOD+ Settings

    We are updating the zombie server and I am putting some new settings in to correct map balance issues there are 3 settings that I want to adjust on a per map basis:

    Zombie speed, health, and an option that will send the first zombie back to spawn.

    It is important to note that these settings are a % and will effect all zombies the same.

    Also I can now adjust the way that individual classes regen currently all zombies regen 10hp every 5sec that they are not being shot. If you have ideas for how some classes should be treated please let me know.

    So what do you guys think, would giving the zomies in escape maps 50% less speed and only 80% normal health help? Or do you have a better setting

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    I AGREE ON GIVING LESS SPEED. DOnt know about less health though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    and an option that will send the first zombie back to spawn.
    I like that idea

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    I think zombie health should remain the same. Speed changes are fine.

    Also, if possible, please re enable Zspawning for people who just joined the server.

    Edit: Did I mention that I dont take changes well

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=NYS=- C.O. View Post
    I AGREE ON GIVING LESS SPEED. DOnt know about less health though.
    sounds good

  6. Default server changes

    the zombies are a little too crippled across the board i played at least 4 maps tonight where we zombie hunted and won...and we all know that is not how zombie hunting is supposed to end

    the speed cuts in escape maps are a good idea but maybe not 50% and i would suggest that zombies get to regen their health didn't seem like that was happening

    thanks for continuing to try and improve the game play!

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    The issues you stated have been improved, although the speeds have not been changed. The first zombie now has 10000hp vs 7600ph, the zombies should regen health again. Not all zombies regen at the same rate or way. So lets see how it goes, with fast zombies regening faster but the same amount of hp over time other zombies like deformed lake a long time to regen but will now regen much more health. Example the amount of health that the deformed gets is almost 2x more than before after 20 seconds, but it takes him 20 seconds to get it. This is useful for strats as the deformed will need to wait a minimum of 20sec to be effective at another attack, otherwise his health will be the same. Such time gives humans a reload break.

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    I completely agree on the speed changes, I like the HP boosts. I would like something around 80% or so, though.

    Or how about 10% faster than humans? We do have to have a threat still, after all.

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    i know i have already posted once on this thread and voiced my opinions but i have heard so many people bitch tonight that it encouraged me to visit once again...perhaps more moderate changes are in order as the old settings were closer to the desired performance than the current round of changes ex. the gravity is is making it impossible for humans to jump on stuff tonight
    again thanks for seeking to make the game play better zero...i just wanted you to have some more feedback

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    the gravity has not been changed, so I really do not understand what you are talking about. Can you explain

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