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  • Coke

    2 50.00%
  • Apple Cider (Fresh made)

    4 100.00%
  • Apple Cider with whiskey (Fresh made)

    2 50.00%
  • Chai Tea (Fresh made)

    2 50.00%
  • Beer

    3 75.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Guys Night Out Drinks

  1. Default Guys Night Out Drinks

    So that I know how much of what to have and make please select what you would like to drink at the event. You can check all the items that apply. This is mainly to help me ensure that I to not make or buy too much or too little of anything.

  2. Default

    Whiskey version canceled due to lack of whiskey. Cider will however include mulling spices. If you liked the beer from last time the new beer is on a different level.

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