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Thread: To Many escape maps on ZM server.

  1. Default To Many escape maps on ZM server.

    Ok, well when I first started playing on Ibis, till recently (past couple weeks) we have started playing WAY to maybe escape maps. I know I am not the only one that feels like this, a lot of the people who have been playing on Ibis for a long time also don't like the amount of escape maps we play now.

    We use to just play like... one escape map out of every 15 or so maps, and it was always ATIX or space station. These maps are ok, because you actually are defending your escape point for several minutes.

    But, all of the new escape maps all you do is run... run.. run... and run. I don't want to play maps like canal_escape, jurastic park, ect where you run for several minutes, run into a room and wait for a nuke to go off while defending off either no zombies, or zombies for 10 or 30 seconds.

    It isn't just playing these maps that are a problem, it's how we will play them every other map, or for several maps in a row.. Also, we will be playing a good cade map, and a admin will put up a vote for one of these escape maps. It is rather ridiculous, and personally, I can't be bothered to play them anymore.

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    although i do like the esapce maps i agree that they are being played way to if we can all please stop voteing for them everytime a vote comes up that would be great...(not meaning to sound like a jerk or anytyhing)

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    MeH...usually people just pick the escape maps... i just put up a random map vote and usually the escape map wins. i do agree that the server has excessively been on escape maps lately but its not because we have too many escape map its because majority of the server picks the escape map with voting come on. i think we need better cade maps tho. some cades on certain maps are just ridiculous and are impossible to break.

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    Sure spacestation may be pretty popular, but I think should be taken out of the rotation or the zombies on the map need to be greatly rebalanced. The humans have such a low chance of surviving on it and rarely win when I play that map

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    I can balance the zombies on a permap basis, but you need to tell me WHAT MAPS HAVE THE PROBLEMS. Also, I think the solution is to add better regular maps to the server. Also admins should be informed to slow down on the use of escape maps.

    Ultimately it is clear that a new voting system should be made to handle this issue in a more logical and systematic manor. Such a voting system could make it so that escape maps can not even come up for a vote unless X maps are played first or X time has passed ect.

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    Sounds like a good idea Zero. I also agree that escape maps are being played WAY to much. I get bored very fast on most of them. I dont even think we have even played all the new added maps yet lol. If I knew how to even begin starting a ZM server (not the cheapy one threw CS main menu) I would set up my system to run some test maps. =\. Hell, I don't even know what a 24Mb/2Mb connection could handle.

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    That voteing thing sounds like a great idea and should be put in to effect imedietly or ASAP...or whenever you have the time...and i agree with stamer that they getting boring way to fast.

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    it doesnt help that ppl extend automatically because extend is option 1.
    i often just spam a number because map vote is during a round while im switching guns/ trying to get rid of the pop up because im busy (shooting zombies, running away etc)
    my clan's server has a voting system where you type vote to vote. so it would be mapvote time, and if your dead its the regular pop up, but if you're still alive and playing, you type vote to get the vote menu. perhaps a similar system can be implemented?

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    I like escape a lot more than cade maps, it's exactly what Zero said, most of the escape maps are rather good and fun, as for cade maps, there's a few that looks good and I like to play it, and the rest is either a bunch of block primitives (read: pretty low quality), or has one or maybe two spots where humans could ever possibly survive and it always comes down to the same result, or just plain boring. I say there should only be a cutdown on escape maps if shitty cade maps are removed and replaced with decent ones.

  10. Thumbs up good call.

    we've been playing escape maps alot, some are good, and some are bad.

    If anything, just get rid of the maps that most people dont like. I remember playing escape bridge, spacestation, and atix as the main escape maps. Now i rarley play on spacestation and escape bridge, which i enjoy. Well, most of the escape maps we play on are the ones that began with Ze_. To play more cades would be cool.

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